Shea is an expert firearms instructor! She doesn’t waste your time. You’ll learn the “right” way of handling yourself as well as your weapon. There are lots of “imitators” out there but Definite Defense is the real deal! You won’t be disappointed.
– Chris D.


Shea was my instructor for CWP training. She did a great job. I particularly liked her energetic personality, strong background and subject matter expertise, and extra examples she added to make the course interesting. I can highly recommend her!
– Mercedes B.


Where do I start with Shea? That’s the big question. In short, she is amazing! I have hired Shea to instruct me in both Scuba and as her first client in her CWP Course. I have to admit that my comfort zone was small in both diving and with pistols. With Shea’s help, I achieved my Open Water Certification and my Concealed Weapons Permit. Both classes were well organized and run in a very professional manner. More importantly, the field classes, in the water and at the firing range were expertly instructed. This is critical, because a single mistake could result in death. Shea made the classes fun, and she made everyone feel comfortable. She is very personable and works with everyone to ensure that they understand each topic and have mastered the material before moving on to the next topic. I highly recommend her as an instructor for both Scuba diving and CWP.
– Gary T.


Shea is the best defense training specialist around. She is personable and fun to work with along with being very knowledgeable on many different techniques.
– Jeffrey A.


Shea Kim is a driven individual who has built a successful business based on her expertise in the field and professionalism. Working on creating a stand-out brand was challenging but ultimately my company was able to deliver exactly what she wanted. I have also found Shea to be a very charitable individual. She gives back to the local community through in-kind donations and heading up non-profit causes. I would highly recommend Shea Kim and Definite Defense to everyone.
– Marie B.


I have the pleasure of knowing Shea both personally and professionally. She is truly a person who you can feel comfortable with in both situations. Her knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm are genuine and contagious; she treats everyone with courtesy and respect.
As a fellow NRA instructor, I would not hesitate to recommend any of my students to Shea for supplemental or additional instruction.
– Ron H.


Shea is extremely smart, passionate about getting positive results and very people-oriented. She is an effective leader, mentor, and Instructor. Shea goes the extra mile to assure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Shea brings extra value and hands-on experience with her instruction.
– David B.


Shea is a hardworking professional and will do a great job instructing you for a concealed weapons permit. She worked for me at Benton Green Energy on a temporary basis to help set up administrative procedures. Within a few short weeks, she had organized the entire front house of my business. She’s very energetic and thorough. If she puts half the energy into teaching self defense and concealed weapons permit classes, Shea will be the best instructor you’ve ever had.
– Cherish B.


I first met Shea at a trade show that both our representative companies were attending. She is very disarming (no pun intended) and extremely knowledgeable due to her military background. In her industry she is fairly unique. I would especially recommend her, particularly for women who are looking to overcome fear of guns and for learning basic self defense tailored for them.
– Jaime S.


Shea is dedicated, innovative and trustworthy who takes care of her work and meet her clients requirements.
– Alber Y.


It’s a pleasure to recommend Shea Kim for her work through Definite Defense. Her emphasis on practical training, on the range, as well as extraordinary attention to safety (both during training and with firearms at home) was much appreciated. Her careful coverage of the legal environment was also greatly appreciated. Shea is wonderfully qualified to do this work, based on her professional background. Moreover, her attention to detail in providing, but also handling all necessary filings of the fingerprints and paperwork for the CWP, is a HUGE assistance to those of us with challenging schedules. In short, highly recommended. If I could have chosen more than three attributes via LinkedIn to describe her, I would certainly have added “personable.” Her personal commitment to her students, and her understanding of their needs and goals, is a high-point of her training. She is a first-rate professional. Don’t hesitate to engage her services.
– Richard P.


I have a long time association with Shea and can vouch for her attention to detail and professional credentials. I would support Shea for any business relationships as a trusted partner.
– David O.