Beyond the Basics I and II

Event details

  • Tuesday | December 31, 1969
  • All Day

Beyond the Basics I-II is a series of two different classes designed to continue your training past the basic CWP or NRA Basic Pistol course. Particularly, these courses are directed to self-defense situations where the threat is not stationary in front of you and you do not have the “perfect” shooting position. Such situations can include sitting in a restaurant, driving, walking around a corner and others. These Beyond the Basic classes will include: using a firearm for self defense from short contact distances; moving to get behind cover; shooting and moving; target acquisition and one handed shooting. The first part of the class will include a refresher for the basic skills learned in CWP or Basic Pistol so that a base line is established. As a consequence to the skills learned in these classes, the skills learned can be used for pistol competitions such as IDPA and CPSL.

Rounds: 200
Time 2.5 hours
Beyond the Basics I Cost: $80.00
Beyond the Basics II Cost: $100.00